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Meet the Trainer

Dallin is an easy-going, outdoor enthusiast with a passion for dogs. By the time he was eight years old, Dallin had saved up enough money to buy his first dog from the Utah county pound, a yellow lab named Judy. Since this time, he has trained all of his personal dogs which include Judy, Zuko, Lady and Ally Ann. His fondest memories include exploring the hills of Elk Ridge, Utah with these special dogs. Dallin once had to crawl down a skunk hole to retrieve his stuck English pointer, Zuko! Yes, this happened while the skunk was doing what skunks do best. During high school, he enjoyed training dogs part-time at a local dog training company. During these three years he was able to gain valuable experience training many dogs of different breeds. This experience sparked his passion for helping others train their furry family members. Since that time, Dallin has dreamed of training dogs full time; that dream has come true thanks to Quichapa Kennels!

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