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Shed hunting is quickly becoming a favorite pastime for many outdoorsman. If you desire to increase your luck in the mountains, make sure to take your dog with you. Here at Quichapa Kennels, we offer a one-month shed hunting training program. This allows your dog to recognize antler scent and work with the wind. This will greatly improve the success of your shed hunting adventures. All shed dogs go through our retriever training to make sure that sheds are not only found but delivered to hand. Shed hunting is a fantastic way to keep your hunting partner in shape and healthy all year long! 

The Quichapa Kennels shed hunting package includes the following:


-E-Collar conditioning

-Antler Scent Recognition

-Hunt command

-Force Fetch retrieve (Hand Delivery)

-Practice hunt scenarios on the property

-Live hunting practice on different terrain



Training Period: 2-3 Months

Shed Hunt Training Cost: 

1 month obedience: $800

1 month force fetch: $800

1 month shed training: $800

Total: $2,400

*Dog will be boarded at Quichapa Kennels for the entirety of the training 

*Food provided by owner, or can be provided by kennel for an additional $50 

*E-collar not included in training price. Owner will need to purchase their own e-collar after the training. 

As avid outdoorsman here at Quichapa Kennels, we also offer special gun-dog packages. These packages include Upland bird dog training, Waterfowl training, and Shed (Antler) dog training. Each training package is one month long to ensure your hunting partner gets the repetition they need to provide success in the field.


We require that all hunting dogs go through the one-month obedience program prior to their hunting training. This allows the dog to have a solid foundation before they begin bird or shed dog training.

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