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 The obedience training methods used at Quichapa Kennels start off with simple leash training exercises to develop a strong foundation for your dog. This is followed by off-leash e-collar training. By the end of the training, your dog will be able to perform the desired commands, with or without a leash. We use e-collar (electric collar) conditioning training which allows your dog to be handled at greater distances with no hassle or struggle. E-collar conditioning is also a great way for owners to reinforce the training that their dog has learned here at the kennel.


Please note we have experience with e-collar conditioning and your dog will be treated with the utmost respect. We are also confident in training all owners in using these techniques to provide a smooth transition for your dog. 

The Quichapa Kennels obedience training package includes the following commands:





-Walking Heel 

Also included in this package:

-Introduction to the kennel and property upon arrival

-E-collar conditioning

-Owner-specific behavior training

-Owner training for a smooth transition



Training Period: 1 Month

Obedience Training Cost: $800 

*Dog will be boarded at Quichapa Kennels for the entirety of the training 

*Food provided by owner, or can be provided by kennel for an additional $50 

*E-collar not included in training price. Owner will need to purchase their own e-collar after the training. 

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