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  • What are the kennels like?
    Each dog stays in their own professional kennel. This includes a 5x10 foot welded wire dog run, with a comfortable house and fresh food and water. Each outdoor kennel is fully roofed to help protect them from the elements. Each kennel is cleaned daily to keep all dogs healthy and comfortable.
  • Can I visit my dog during training?
    Because training, boarding, pick-ups, drop-offs and owner training consume all daylight hours, we do not allow owners to visit their dogs during their stay. To make sure you keep updated on your furry friends progress, we do send weekly photos and short videos home for your family to enjoy. Training goes by fast and your dog will be happy and busy learning new skills!
  • How do I maintain my dog's training?
    The more practice and repition for the dog and owner the better. Although daily practice would be ideal, a weekly refresher will keep your dog's training sharp. This refresher can be as short as twenty minutes. This refresher course and other tips and tricks will be taught to the owner at the end of the training. Your dog will not forget its training!
  • What do I need to do before and after my dogs training?
    Before making reservations for your dogs training, make sure your dog is current on all vaccinations and has been dewormed recently. Once your dog has completed its training here at the kennel, we will meet and discuss the proper steps to maintain their training. This face-to-face meeting allows me to discuss the specific training your dog has recieved.
  • Are follow up visits possible?
    Absolutely! If you have questions, or need help reinforcing any behavior, follow up visits can be scheduled. Do not feel bad to schedule a follow up visit! We love getting to see our past clients again.
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